Good monday mawning to my fwends

Published March 4, 2013 by Bellisimobella1
Askbella agony aunt

Askbella agony aunt

Herrrrrroooooowwwww on dis bright n frosty Monday morning.

I hopes you all had a gweat weekend n got a lickle bit of sunshine, makes everyfink seem better wiv a bit of sunshine.

I did supervise filling of da bird feeders and it was Luvly I was runnin round n round da garden fur ages and I gots to sample a lickle bit of da bird seed, maybe dats why I was tweeting so much on Sunday.

DSCN2047v pamdecsnow 062

we gets so many pwetty birds in our garden I fort I might start sharing sum of da picfurs wiv you on here , dats if you wants me to .

I hads such a busy week last week, waz kept trying to find time to come here n blog . tis not as easy as i fort wen i furst set up da blogs, i didnt realise how much time they gonna take n how you gotta be careful wots you day cos peeps get easily offended by fings you might fink is harmless fun or you might miss someone out or you might fawget to say fanks, but i is twyin my best but I gets so easily distracted so I just gonna give you a quick catchup of my last week cos waz quite xcitin fur me.

My bestie Squiggle

My bestie Squiggle

I had to get bits ready fur da blog I do wiv my fwend squiggle ( and we haz a birfday blog on there n I suddenly realised it was our fwend Bronx’s birfday so I DM a few of his fwends n spent a frantic couple of days collectin da messages n puttin em wiv picfurs so dat he had a luverly birfday blog page, he’s a lovely fwend he was one of my furst evfur fwends on twitter n he had tough couple of munfs cos he had to have a knee operashun but he been havin hydrotherapy n he is much better now and he’s got a wonderful mummy who loves him vewy much n she been really pampering him an she even made him a lovely birfday cake.

Dis my fwend @bronxsmith

Dis my fwend @bronxsmith

I has got da two jobs now as well as 2blogs so I suppose I cud be called two bells but I has got 3bells on my collar at da moment, evfurrytime we go in da woods n I play hide n seek wiv da hoomans, if I win n they can’t find me, tis gweat fun I sit behind a twee n watch em runnin round callin me, anyway if I win I gets an extra bell on my collar as a prize, makes it bit harder fur me to hide wiv them on my collar but if I sit vewy still I shud be ok, sumtimes I wrestles wiv my bruvfurs n they get my bells of my collar fur me.

bells wiv bells

bells wiv bells

I has been tweeting quite a bit to what I calls my pink fwends dis week, cos they luvs pink like me one is Karen lady @cares2000 She gots 2luverly greyhounds Sam n Missy , Sam only moved in wiv em a few weeks ago but he looks as tho he been there fur evfur, karenlady was 50 dis weekend she is luverly lady .
My uvfur pink fwend I been talkin to is @floozy68 rachel lady n flossie , flossie haz gots a luverly pink blanky , they is in process of movin so I wanna say I hopes you be vewy happy in your new home.
My uvfur fwend brandy, @vipervillan she in process of movin too , tis all go must be xcitin all da new smells and meetin new anipals , don’t matter really where we live as long as we gots our hoomans wiv us us.

Also dis week I gots tweet fwom my luverly Owly @nightowl400 to say me n da bruvfurs new staffyknits is ready so they on a be here soon, can’t wait they is bwilliant I luvs it wen I wear mine, mum says I do an extra wiggle.IMG_1282

My new Boss

My new Boss

My uvfur job started pwoperly dis week as agony aunt workin wiv @spanielharry on his woofsite, I met Hawwy fru twitter few munfs ago n we jus clicked , I kno I gets in twuble sumtimes fur all da flirty flirty but tis not like dat wiv hawwy, we gets on and tis gweat to hav him as a fwend an gweat to be wurkin wiv him. We been gettin loads of problems sent in to da
Askbella agony aunt page n I gonna ansa em all as quick as I can andHawwy gonna update da page once a week so keep your queshuns comin.

Few fankyoos n menshuns

I wanna say fanks n sum menshuns to sum twitter pals who has been supportif n helpful wiv evryfink lately

fanks to luvly lady @franca369 and her luverly Rocky @Rocky_Da_Dawg fur dis gweat picfur BEN23VICYAA6i5o

A massive massive fanks to my luverly fwend n not so secwet admirer, he helped rescue my teddy last weekend n I has renamed teddy after him @mooksterboy my norty bruvfurs did pinch my teddy n leave him out in da garden overnight n da foxes did peeped on him , if you nevfur smelt foxes peeped tis disgustin n vewy hard to get rid of, I has lost many toys fru dis anyways Mookie told his mum an she took time out fwom her campaignin (go follow if your not already ) and said soak in tomato juice fur hours then rins n soak in diluted bicarbonate of soda, then wash. Well as you can see we had no Tom juice so we improvised wiv tinned toms, but it wurked I got to keep teddy so not only is Mookies mummy hero fur speakinDSCN0009 (2)g up n defending us doggies she saves cuddly toys too.DSCN1028

(Tis ok my Kane @angeshair01 is fwends wiv mookie n knows we duz flirty flirty but he knows he my wun twue luv)image11

I also wanna say fanks to Boo @sedgewick100  n his mum fur bein gweat fwends n helpin n supportin wiv da blog n generally bein luverly

fanks to my fwend Kevin  @kevinthewhippet fur da laffs dis week, if you finks me n squiggle are funny you shud get to know kevin he vewy funny, I twyin vewy hard not to menshun lipsticks cos dat duz get us into twuble but he has gweat muscles and he has bwilliant picfurs of him wiv his cats , me n squiggle will be introducing you to kevin a bit more later dis week on our blog

I gots sent a couple of new fings fwom dat I gonna be testing I gots a luverly pink rope and a ball so I gonna have fun wiv dat .
dis my wurk bag where i purts fings fur revoo or testing
dis my wurk bag fings fur revooin

I gots sent sum pink yes PINK tweats fwom Dalton @waggfoods so I gonna be revooin them vewy soon,I am so excited I nevfur seen pink tweats before.

DSCN9860Fings I learnt fru twitter dis week

Sum peep don’t wealise I am jus bella, I jus a lickle girl dog who enjoys havin fun
You mustn’t talk to boy dogs about their lipsticks *giggles*
Twue friends luv you fur bein you
Twue friends accept you fur bein you
RT can mean a home or lifeline fur rescues
RT can be more business fur small businesses which helps them survive against big companies so we musnt just read an ignore, costs nufink to RT and could make such a difference.
I gots sum gweat fwends on twitter fanks fur followin me n tweetin wiv me I looks forward to tweetin wiv you all an gettin to know you better
Okey dokey fanks fur readin my blog, my dads on holiday fur couple of weeks so I gotta help mum soopervise him so if I not awound much don’t wowwy I be back soon.
Fur dem dat asks mums hand gettin better fanks, she not wearing bandage now but still has dressing on hand as burn waz quite deep, so she still bit limited wiv wot she can do.
Catch up wiv you all soon.

3 comments on “Good monday mawning to my fwends

  • Good morning Bella! What a nice Monday morning blog! I enjoyed reading your blog while I was having my breakfast! Rocky was so excited you posted funny picture! We know know what lipstick means!! (Oops rocky just shyly turned away Bol) Again beautiful story and Ricky and I look forward to the next one! Xx 🙂 luv u our pink Bella! Xx

  • Hi Bella
    Just got round to reading this and as usual it was totally pawsomly pawtastic. Fanks fur mention too. Yoo is vewy vewy speshul fwend to me and I so pwoud to have yoo wurkin alongside me. Wuv yoo vewy much wuv Hawwy and family xxxxxx

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