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Published February 22, 2013 by Bellisimobella1

bella 045

I been so busy lately twyin to get organised so I will be able to concentwate wen I starts my new Job at
at da time of writing dis its still not live but we are hoping its going to be anyday now.
Fings awound here also slowed down when mum burneded her handbut its getting better now and she got lighter bandage on now so she can do more.
I has been testing pink tuffy squid fur and dats on me n squiggles blog .

I do luv anyfink pink and any shade of pink.
Some people say dogs cant see colour but you put fings in front of me I do go fur pink evfurrytime.
I jus wanna say a a few  fankyous and show yoo a couple of pwessies I did get recently, I haz said fankyoo befur but I wanted to come on here n say a pwoper fankyou .
My fwend and now boss, @spanielharry did sent me a banana, I haz nevfur worn a banana befur n wasnt quite sure wot to do wiv it

banana? wot do i do wiv it , is it a hat?

banana? wot do i do wiv it , is it a hat?

Anyways we had a lickle laff an a fiddle awound and it looked best like dis

DSCN9945I fink Hawwy might of started sumfink cos I weally like it , might have to see wot uver pink ones is out there, wonder if I cud get one wiv my name on.

Big fankyou to you n mum  Hawwy xx

Da uver pwessie I wanna share n say a big fankyoo is my luverly boyfwend kane @angelshair01 did send me my furst evfur valentines a luverly diamond heart fur my collar.Mum did let me open da letter he sents me too .DSCN1437

my pink diamond heart fwom kane

my pink diamond heart fwom kane


A big fankyou to Kane & mammy

Da next fankyoo I wanna say is to my luverly fwend Poppy @hiltonpoppy I did see dis luverly picfur of her

poppyand when I said how bootiful she looked and how lucky she was she did say she wud send half of it cos it was so big on her, I waz speechless fur few minutes.

I couldnt belief it and sure enuff she did send me it, I loves it and have had gweat fun wiv it but I dont fink I luk as good as poppy does in it and I is big enuf to admit dat , but Poppy fankyoo so much dat waz a luverly fing to do. Funny fing is tho wen I wear it I gets da giggles n is hard fur mum to get a picfur she says I look a bit like a laffin chimp.

fankyou Poppy & Mum DSCN9957 DSCN9956 DSCN9954 DSCN9955 DSCN9953

Anuver pwessie I wants to say fankyoo for is a new fwend Jeffy @JeffyTheCat His mum did do this picfur of me a few weeks ago to cheer me up and dis week da original did awwive, fank yoo so much Jeffy n mum , we is gonna get it fwamed.


So fankyoo fur my luverly pwesents I luvs em so much  and I do wealise wot a lucky gurl I am.

                                                                   I also wanna say fanks to yoo fur takin da tim eto read dis n fur bein my twitterfwend.

Extra speshul fankyoo to my bestie fwend Squiggle @squiggledog fur givin me a job as pink tester at

Fur a while I has been testin a pink octy fur her and i spect yoo seen da picfurs , I am currently wurkin on writin up da revoo as they have now got them in stock and I loved em so much I has bought da daddy and da baby one

dis  me n da mummy octy

dis me n da mummy octy

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