Jingle Bells Jingle Bells me and babybruv getting chrismassy

Published December 20, 2016 by Bellisimobella1

img_5526Me and babybruv aka Rossi haf been getting cwissmassy mum wanted a photo to send gwanma and we fort you might like to see da fun we had , also massif fankyooooo to our speshul fwends you know who you are who sent us da massif advent calendars from @ammysdelightand to auntie ninna fr0om @woofbed fur making me a speshul pink one . This was the first advent calendar we haf evfur had and its ahmazin dat we got one each and not haf to share we are luvin hafin our ammysdelight evfurryday.

img_5484 img_5482 img_5480 img_5479 img_5474 img_5472 img_5402 img_5404 img_5405 img_5406 img_5392 img_5518 img_5515   img_5510 img_5509 img_5492 img_5533 img_5481

Fankyooo fur makin my 13th birfday speshul

Published December 19, 2016 by Bellisimobella1

img_5569img_5022I’m just putting my birday cards away so I can put me cwismas ones up and I just wanna share sum of me pics and say fankyooo to my fwends fur making my 13th birday on 6th December da bestist evfur


mum made me sum unicorn bellasbananas and a pink teddy blanky

img_4954 img_4955 img_4953 img_4952 img_4956

img_4961 img_4962 img_4964 img_4970 img_4968 img_4967 img_4966 img_4965 img_4976 img_4977 img_4997 img_4994 img_4995 img_4978 img_5005 img_5011 img_5021 img_5027 img_5033 img_5019 img_5034 img_5036 img_5050 img_5040 img_5053 img_5055 img_5059 img_5065 img_5066 img_5035 img_5389

Fankyooooo all so vewy vewy much


Waitin fur me cuppa

Published November 19, 2016 by Bellisimobella1

imageMornin I jus here waitin fur teamaker to make me cuppa and I realised I been so whizzy busy fru da summer I not had time to do a blog.

I had one of da best sumners evfur , me and pest spent hours n hours in da garden and had icescweam and we got twin winniw the poohs we both got our own and they both still vewy much aliveimage

I haf been soupervisng mum lots wif bellasbananas and we decided to start a blog http://www.bellasbananas.wordpress.com while we figuring out wots goin on wif da blog and dat way evfurryone can see wot we been making and got fur sale cos peeps on twiter said they was missing bits dat was on faceybu and peeps on faceybuk didn’t always see what we had so we figure if we put fings on da blog and just tweet da link as we add bits evfurryone gets to see it. There is a link on the new blog too to sign up and get emails when we add a new post so you wont miss out.

As you know I dus get sossiges n bits commishun fur being bestest sales assistant evfur well last munf I decided to not claim me commishun and all da profits from da sales of da poppy bananas mum made went to british legion, we had one speshul kitty who lives wif me fwend Willow wearing a kitty poppy bellasbanana too.

untitled.png we haf decided all da time mum got sum of da fabric da bananas be available , here is sum of da gawgus doggies and Diesel wearing their poppy bananas https://bellasbananas.wordpress.com/2016/11/13/poppy-bananas-for-remembrance-day

well me cuppa has awwived at last so time fur me to get raedy fur da weekend, I got sumfink exciting to show evfurryone later dat mum got dun fur me fur me bellasbananas and I gotta sell sum cwismas bits so I can buy babybruv sumfink fur cwismas , haf a luvly day evfurryone and stay warm




A quickie while I’m waitin fur me sossiges

Published February 28, 2016 by Bellisimobella1

Mornin evfurryone happy sossigeday, I jus been told I hafin me sossiges earlier today cos gwanmas comin fur lunch, is it just mine or dus all gwanmas say they not want much then eat loads annnnddddd she always asks fur a doggy bag too and she not got a doggy she’s got a kitty.
I had whizzy busy couple of weeks here’s couple of fings I been up to apart from wresting wif bobdaunicorn and hidin from da pest aka Babybruv .
I been snoozin in front of da fire because it’s been freezy cold.image
I been snuggling under da duvet on da big bed.
I been squeakin me squeakies in sun puddles wen I see em.image
I been hafin cuppas and a couple had bisqwits hidden in da bottom.
Mum made us sum bisqwits  we was helping by testing them when they cooled down later mum n dad was talking and they found out they both been giving them to us , was fun while it lasted.
Me & Babybruv had yummy beef bone mum got from da nice butcher not had one fur ages me teefies feel nice n clean now and it kept da pest quiet fur hours.
We had sum pink icescweam da pest did stick his nose accidently in mums bowl while she was talkin to me

I read anuvfur bit of @spanielharry new book he’s wurkin on and I been drivin him mad since sayin pink pink, pink pink, pinkpink won’t make sense until you reads da book but it’s gonna be wurf da wait. Pink pink , pink pink, pink pink.

I got a sneaky prevoo of a dressup dat @kevinthewhippet did fur his university and he soooooo cute ,he’s gonna share da pics next Saturday and he’s wurkin on a book vershun of his cwismas Panto dat you will be able to download in PDF fur small donation or requested printed vershun fur bigger donashun his humuns will covfur printing & postage costs tis ahmazing the way they raise money fur the stroke association so keep an eye out fur da book it comin VEWY SOON
I been soupervisin mum finishin off couple of da neck rest cushion fingymebobs she been making they quite handy fur humuns to get more comfy wen sittin in bed readin or on car journeys or even fur sleepin wifimage

I had a few hours in da garden dus week soupervising dad cos sun was out one day but as soon as sun hid behind da clouds I waddled back indoors to go get warm again

Auntie emma buyed sumfink from mummymandie and me & da pest got saveloys from her too fankyoooooo auntie emma we wuv you

Oh me sossiges are cool enuf fur me to eat now so I say byseybye haf a luvly day my fwends 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

I had wude awakening at silly oclock

Published February 7, 2016 by Bellisimobella1

Morning evfurryone, well I say mornin tis silly o clock and Sunday so I shud be snoozin but @kevinthewhippet calender fell in me basket and woke me up,Clicking here shud go to da vine

I wouldn’t mind da real kevin jumpin on me to wake me up but his calender was bit of a surprise  I did haf a cuppa to get over da shock. IMG_1965image

Any ways I decided as I was awake I wud tell you about sum scrummyyummy lists treats I had dis week, on Twitter I entered a competition run by  @BarkingBakeryCo ,dunno why I entered I nevfur win the competitions but anyway Ma King ,dats da  bakinglady who whizzes up da treats said although I didn’t win I inspired her to create sumfink pink fur Valentine’s Day,imageand a packet awwived dis week fur me to try and they were SCRUMMYLISHUS they looked pretty and they had LOVE on em they were raspberry & vanilla and all NATURALIMG_1962 now I fink they shud be available all da time as they are so SCRUMMYLISHUS but Ma King says they only fur Valentine’s Day so you best get your order in quick,

babybruv was watching & waiting IMG_1968so I shared a couple wif him and he says even they though pink they are so yummy boys wud enjoy them tooIMG_1963 she dus has sum uvfur yummy treats Ma kings barkingbakerycompany but I not tried any if them yet so I can’t comment I had git me eye on sum yummy lookin dognuts she made uvfur day you know how I luv donuts,dats a point I didn’t get me donut yesterday hopefully I get it today I’m gonna try da square Sossige today,IMG_1964 it not seem right hafin it square instead a nice big fat round one no doubt I let you know how I gets on wif it now I’m back on me blog.

Haf a lovely day don’t fawget da Twitter radio pawty on Kennet Radio with @radiodjdave at 6 tonite instead of 8 I’m hopin I get a lickle dance kevin & dat Babybruv not swing Angel awound too much he dus get enfusiastic and I’m hoping Bracken brings sum of his yummy cookies along too.


kissy kissy






Ellllloooooooo is there anyone there?

Published February 1, 2016 by Bellisimobella1


morning evfurryone, I am layin in me basket waitin fur teamaker to bring me cuppa and I fort I not dun a blog fur ages I must say hello and see if anyone still out there dat wud read it.

Last year was so whizzy busy dat I not get much puter time wot wif,  woofstockuk, gwanma moving, mum startin to sell her fings she makes (well I sells em fur her really but we let her fink tis her selling em but I’m much better sales person) and life in general me blog seemed to get fawgotten there was fings I wanted to share wif you & tell you about I just never got round to it .


The pest aka @babybruv has been goin on twitter a bit morewhile I been busy helpin wif bellasbananas and I’m back on faceybuk he has asked if he can help wif me blog but I don’t fink we be setting him loose on here just yet.

anyways me cuppa is here at last so I best get slurpin before babybruv sticks his big nose in me cup haf a luvly day and I hope to see you back here soon

.Kissy Kissy from Bella xxxx



anyways we cuppa is here now so time to if there is a

I get to chat wif clever peacock lady aka Erica @allthingsdoggy

Published July 19, 2015 by Bellisimobella1

Ello hope you all hafin luverly weekendIMG_5909-0







Fur a few years I has been lookin longingly at da pics me fwends had done by me peacock lady,sowwy I calls her dat cos I see a pic of her once and she was as bootiful as a peacock you knows her as Erica Ratcliffe, the lady behind http://www.allthingsdoggyboutique.com, anyway mum nevfur quite managed to get around getting any of us done until recently and we were so blown away with it I jus had to share it wif you & take da opportunity to ask peacock lady a couple of burnin qweshuns.
I sended da qweshuns to her cos we bof busybees

How long you been painting?

I’ve always drawn and painted and was a hobby from a young age…its how I like to de stress and realax!!
Bella’s notes:
Young age pfffft you not dat ancient now

Wot made you start painting?

I was asked when I had my online doggy shop if I had anything that could be personal for one of my customers to put lots of doggie Christmas pressies in. So I scratched my head and thought “what would be more personal than having the lil cutie patooties face on something”. So I came up with a simple technique of a portrait on to a Santa sack. Great stuff…happy customer!!! My style has developed from there and now I offer portraits on Treat Sacks, canvas bags, cushions as well as canvas art. I love working with such beauties too and each dog is obviously different meaning each commission I work on is always a pleasure.

*starts making notes on fings to be painted on*

Has you painted fings on your walls at home ?

Now this question really did make me laugh as if I had my way I would have frescos adorning all my walls😁 However, I live with my better half who pulls in my reins somewhat to stabilise these urges😂 I did let loose on a small feature wall once *winks*


Oh dats bootiful Bella makes note if peacock lady ever visits make sure there’s blank wall fur her to play wif

I calls you me peacock lady has you painted a peacock?

Oh my yes I love peacocks!!! Such stunning birds with all those fine colours and feathers. Hmmmm no I haven’t yet got creative with peacocks, I will now!!! However, I started a Phoenix piece (ver early stages)which is a bird to me that is quite similar in stunningness. “Peacock Lady” is such a lovely name…Thanks Bella *blows kisses*



Omb OMB dats bootiful is it available on postcards or blank cards you really are a clevfur lady
Dus you paint kittys too or jus dogs?

I have had the privilege of painting Kittys too yes and I would quite happily paint any pet and actively welcome new challenges.

image image




I have a commission coming up which I’m excited about…A pet piggie. He is going on a Canvas bag for a little girls birthday pressie. So yep any cute and furries and I’m in!!!

Oh I luvs Piggy’s can you show me wen you has dun it pleaseeeeeeeee

Has you painted your own dogs?


I have yes, Boydee became my model for my Santa Sacks and Riz has been on quite a few items too. The only thing I’m needing to do is get them both on a canvas together.


Well I’m glad I asked now cos I been wondering all dat fur a while it was gweat fun intervooin Erica & we luv da painting she’s dun of me & babybruv twas so hard not to pester her evfurryday and say can I see please wot you painted today .

this is the painting  peacocklady did of me & babybruv aka Rossi , dad has put it on a shelf mum cant reach so she not bang nails in wall to put it up


DSCN4020 0125675b1feed06f6af16c50794d2f395adbd359d0 image
The uvfur day mum was printing gwanmas photos for her & gwanma had taken loads of pics of the painting you did of us (mum didn’t print them all fur her) gwanma asked if you haf evfur exhibited your paintings as you haf such a wonderful unique style that truly captures da characters *whispers dat quite a compliment comin from gwanma she goes to London to look at paintings*

if you are on Facebook you can get in touch wif da Peacocklady here https://www.facebook.com/allthingsdoggyboutique

if you are on Twitter she’s here @allthingsdoggy



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